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Spoken Fest is a stage for some of the most vibrant voices, poets, storytellers, thespians, lyricists, comedians and musicians to move you, make your heart sink and brim with joy at the same time. Over the course of two days, Spoken will shine a spotlight on artists from across the country ~ serving up an eclectic mix of exciting performances in languages as varied as Urdu, Hindi, and English.

Come alone, bring your naani, bring your partner, or even better – bring a third wheel! If your heart is open to words, age is no bar here. This is for those who savour. Come join us for a weekend to experience the feelings you thought could not be put into words.

Come belong at Spoken!


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Day 1

Saturday, 11th Jan 2020

Day 2

Sunday, 12th Jan 2020

Artist Lineup

Peter Cat Recording Co.

Rudy Francisco

Shane Koyczan

The Local Train

Amandeep with Karan

Amol Parashar

Anshu Mor

Gaurav Tripathi

Hari Sankar

Jasmine Khurana

Yahya with Justh

Contracts For Contractors

Kausar Munir


Megha Rao

Mithila Palkar

Priya Malik

Rupesh Tillu

Sabika Abbas Naqvi

Sainee Raj

Samar Mehdi

Shantanu Anand

Shruti Vyas

Slight Diversion


Sriti Jha

Sumit Roy

Taba Chake

Varun Grover

Vipul Rikhi

Gopal Datt

Mariyam Saigal

Annie Zaidi

Prabal Panjabi

Sheena Khalid

Tenzin Tsundue

Eisha Chopra

Roshan Mathew

Harsha Bhogle

Faye D’Souza

Rohan Joshi

Rosie Garland

Meghna Yesudas

Aamir Aziz

Rega Jha

Swarada Bodas

Vidya Nesarikar

Rounak Chawla

The Red Nose Juniors

Kali Billi Productions

Hussain Haidry

Mohammed Sadriwala

Rakesh Tiwari

Rashmi Dhanwani

Mahek Jangda


Rehana Munir

Nikhil Taneja


Vijay Thomas

Saba And Imaad

Mukul Chadda

Mayur Puri


Rutwik Deshpande

Radhika Apte

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